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bay area writers

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this community is made especially for writers, young and old, who make their home in the san francisco bay area, california. of course, those users that don't live in the bay area are welcome as well, but hey, i had to have some sort of criteria that set this thing apart from the countless other writing communities, right?
the purpose of this community is to give writers the chance to come together, receive opinions, tips, support, and inspiration from each other.
if you'd like to post a story, poem, novel, etc. (finished or in progress) please feel free to do so, but be respectful when doing so. if your piece is long, it's best to link to a downloadable microsoft word file (with the extention .doc) rather than simply cutting and pasting it into the journal entry. be warned, anyone who posts links to files that a). are not word files b). are virus' c). damage another user's computer in any way will be immediately reported to the LJ admins and your IP address will be logged.
also, it would be nice if you could give a little bit of an idea what you want from the community before you post your pieces, that way people can give you the type of feedback you're really looking for.
thank you all. have fun and don't be shy.